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Commercial Litigation Services

The Gold Law Firm, PC can assist in any commercial dispute, advising through the alternative dispute process or presenting your case in court if necessary.

It is not uncommon for commercial transactions to end up in dispute. Whether there is a disagreement about terms or simply a matter of non-payment, one party may be forced to take legal proceedings to ensure a business transaction is fulfilled. Retaining qualified legal expertise ensures that your business does not lose out on a commercial transaction.

Why The Gold Law Firm for Commercial Litigation Services

At The Gold Law Firm, we offer a broad range of commercial collection and litigation services. We can work with cases under both federal and state law and cover your legal needs whether it involves contract law or business law. It does not matter whether you require real-estate litigation, employment litigation or franchise litigation, The Gold Law Firm has you covered.

The qualified attorneys at The Gold Law Firm have the business insight to take a deep and broad approach to your commercial litigation concerns. A big-picture, business-driven understanding of commercial law enables us to start proceedings and argue cases in a way that brings the most benefit to your business.

Learn More About Commercial Litigation

Whether the result of a genuine misunderstanding, a lack of clarity in contract terms, or deliberate avoidance of obligations, commercial litigation can be an effective way to get the facts straight and to ensure your business gets whatever it is owed. However, commercial litigation is complex, and the process differs widely depending on the industry in which you operate. At The Gold Law Firm, we have successfully handled a wide range of commercial litigation cases.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

A time and money-saving route to solving commercial disputes involve ADR, the Alternative Dispute Resolution process. Instead of court proceedings, we may advise you to opt for mediation or arbitration. ADR can be an option where commercial litigation sprouts out of disagreements, a lack of clarity, or misunderstandings rather than one party deliberately ignoring their obligations.

Real Estate Litigation

New York residents often find themselves in real estate disputes whether it is a matter of title and boundary or problems around construction work. The Gold Law Firm can assist in any residential or commercial real estate dispute while also assisting with brokerage claims. It is essential to understand the detailed laws around New York real estate for successful litigation, and The Gold Law Firm has the experience and insight to ensure your real estate dispute is effortlessly resolved.

Commercial disputes

The Gold Law Firm can assist your business with tricky commercial disputes. Whether you are experiencing issues with franchise agreements, including multiunit developments, or struggling with an intellectual property issue, the expert team at The Gold Law Firm can successfully push your case. Our attorneys can also assist banks and credit unions in resolving disputes that arise under the Uniform Commercial Code.

Criminal defense

Should you be subject to a charge for white-collar crime, consider using The Gold Law Firm to mount your defense. We have extensive experience in defending both corporations and individuals who are charged under white-collar criminal law and can ensure that you get the best legal support throughout ongoing investigations and trials.

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