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Real Estate Law Services

With extensive experience in both residential and commercial property transactions across Long Island and New York, The Gold Law Firm, PC stands ready to help with real estate transactions, no matter how simple or how complex.

Across Long Island and wider New York, The Gold Law Firm has assisted in the completion of real estate transactions large and small, residential and commercial. With the high value of real estate in New York, a mistake in your transaction can come with steep costs. The Gold Law Firm provides Long Island real estate legal services that are efficient, cost-effective, and reliable.

Real Estate Law Services

Every stage of a property transaction requires proper oversight by legal experts that ensure that everything from documentation to procedure is correctly handled. The Gold Law Firm is a Long Island real estate law firm that can help you with a range of real estate transactions.

Buying Property

Real estate transactions can be straight-forward, but often buying or selling real estate can involve hidden complexities. At The Gold Law Firm, we can cover all the issues around property acquisitions including help with difficult questions around real estate finance.

We represent not only buyers but also the financial institutions involved in making real estate transactions happen, such as banks and nonbank lenders. As experienced real estate lawyers, we can assist in structuring and closing all types of retail transactions.

Property Leasing

The Gold Law Firm can assist in both residential and commercial leasing arrangements covering both single-tenant and multi-tenant agreements. Whether your property is leased by businesses, individuals or even the elderly, The Gold Law Firm can provide the property leasing know-how you require.

Contact one of our attorneys to discuss your real estate law questions and receive expert guidance regarding your upcoming transaction.