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Contact The Gold Law Firm, PC if you think you are overpaying on Nassau County property taxes. We can file a property tax dispute at a fixed-fee of $250, doing all the paperwork for your first phase Grieve your Assessment

Property taxes can be extraordinarily expensive, especially with Long Island’s high tax rates compared to the rest of New York. Property taxes are needed to pay for services, and it is fair that they are charged to residents. However, you should never be expected to pay more than your fair share of taxes. That’s where a Long Island property Grieve your Assessment law firm can help.

Challenging your tax bill can get your finances in order, potentially saving you thousands while also making your property a more attractive purchase for future buyers. If you’ve not challenged your property’s tax assessment in recent years, consider hiring The Gold Law Firm LLP to represent you.

Why The Gold Law Firm for Property Grieve your Assessment

The Gold Law Firm has the experience and background in property tax assessment that ensures your property Grieve your Assessment case gets the reassessment it deserves. No other Grieve your Assessment firm is run by an attorney who previously served as both Nassau County’s Board of Assessors and as a member of the Assessment Review Commission.

Fees can run to far higher amounts at some law firms, The Gold Law Firm LLP charges a flat rate fee of $250.00 to file your Grieve your Assessment – all savings that result are yours.

Learn More About Long Island Property Grieve your Assessment

Property taxes are set at a percentage of the full fair market value of your home, a value set by the county Tax Assessor after they have assessed your home. In many cases, this assessed value is too high and leads to taxes which you should not be paying.

Filing a property Grieve your Assessment

It is possible to file a property Grieve your Assessment yourself, but it can be a frustrating experience. Instead, work with The Gold Law Firm for a fee of $250.

Note that Grieve your Assessment cases have a deadline, waiting too long to file your grievance may mean that you need to pay the existing tax rate for another year. The deadline is before March 1, 2019, so you need to file your grievance by then, or you will need to wait until March 1, 2020 before you can file a grievance covering the 2021 to 2022 tax year.

Looking to reduce your Long Island property taxes? Simply get in touch with The Gold Law Firm, the premier flat rate Grieve your Assessment law firm in Nassau County.

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