Wage Litigation

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Wage Litigation Services

Obtaining fair pay from your employer is a reasonable expectation, and there are clear laws around wage discrimination and legal minimum wages. At The Gold Law Firm, we can build your case where the law is on your side but your employer is not.

Minimum wage litigation

If you and your colleagues are being denied the minimum wage due to “off the clock” working or other means, then consider getting in touch with The Gold Law Firm. Whether this involves reminding your employer of their obligations or pushing a class action suit, The Gold Law Firm can ensure that your minimum wage concerns are addressed effectively. We also represent corporations that are the victims of unfair claims from staff.

Unfair pay and dismissal cases

The Gold Law Firm can help in cases where you believe your pay is set unfairly, whether due to discrimination or for other reasons. We have also represented clients in unfair dismissal cases, applying long-standing state and federal laws to ensure that hard-working employees are not dismissed for reasons that are outside the law.